Friday, November 20, 2015

The Safe Cigarette You've Probably Never Heard Of:
"James Mold began working in 1955 as a scientist for Liggett & Myers, a tobacco company in North Carolina. His role was to identify cancer causing ingredients in cigarette smoke that lab mice were exposed to. Working alongside other scientists, Mold found the materials that caused cancer on the skin of lab mice and started a project to make a safer cigarette that would exclude or minimise these harmful ingredients.
25 years after he started, Mold finally came up with the ‪‎XA or, the‪ ‎palladium cigarette, that relied on the use of palladium and magnesium nitrate to destroy cancer causing substances in cigarette smoke. Indeed, in lab tests performed, these cigarettes were shown to have been successful in reducing the incidence of cancer in lab animals."
But, before the XA cigarette could be brought into production, attorneys for Liggett & Myers advised Mr. Liggett against the project, saying that - although the product had terrific potential for being a success - Big Tobacco companies like Phillip Morris would come after them and the potential for huge numbers of lawsuits for selling cancer-causing cigarettes when they'd found an alternative was overwhelming. So, Liggett scrapped the multi-million dollar project and buried the information Mold had uncovered.

Project XA – The Safe Cigarette You Never Heard Of

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