Saturday, April 30, 2011

"William And Kate's Big, Fat Anglican Wedding" - Or - "Let Them Eat (Wedding) Cake!"

Re: The "Royal Wedding" of KaWill (or is it Willate?)...

* Here's a little Non-British Bonus:

Those of us who live outside of Great Britain may enjoy watching the shiny shindig (or not) from a distance...

Smiling throughout as we gaze at the happy couple, admire the exquisite dresses, sit slack-jawed gaping at the ornate carriages and - depending upon the camera angles - possibly notice the higher level of security and the number security personnel present (some of whom, I learned only yesterday, were soldiers serving overseas who were unexpectedly called back from/pulled out of Afghanistan to work the wedding).

Perhaps we'll have enjoyed the festivities just a little more than many of our fellow Royal-revelers whom actually live in Great Britain, because we can take comfort in the knowledge that- and feel genuine relief that - our taxes aren't being siphoned off to pay for half of the, undoubtedly, expensive and pretty pomp and circumstance.

I do feel sympathetic outrage for Britain's citizenry, especially since I learned that they are being forced to pay for half of the undoubtedly exorbitant costs (taken out of taxes collected) as well as having to face and deal with recently passed severe austerity measures scheduled to go into effect shortly

What's wrong with this picture?

Uh... Hello?  Unless the Crown Jewels have been stolen (amongst other treasures) or something and the Royals are simply keeping up appearances and being tight-lipped about suddenly becoming destit...

(Nah, who'm I kidding?)

... dropping a few notches on the Forbes List, or whatever -

Well, isn't the Royal Family... uh, Rich?

I mean, it would be beyond utterly ridiculous for anyone to suggest - with any seriousness - that any amount of American tax monies collected should be put aside to pay for any sitting President's offspring's nuptials... Right?

I could be misunderstanding the situation - although I doubt it - but. it looks to me like the land-owning, upper-crusty, genuine gems & countless carat-wearing lords/ladies/dukes and duchesses have all been invited to and are attending a dazzling, once-in-a-lifetime, wedding spectacular... which is being bankrolled - under duress - by Britain's hard working working-class.

It seems very unfair and so very "... let them eat cake."-ish to me.

What do you think?


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