Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daily Show: Tales of Principled Behavior- Obama Birth Cert. Mystery, Or Bill O'Reilly Just Blew My Mind

If anyone at any moment throughout my Life had ever suggested to me that I would be expressing the following sentiment, I would have been either: A.) rendered completely helpless for a good five minutes (at least) due to convulsing into hysterical fits of laughter or... B.) suggested that they had - in that very instant - simply become irrevocably insane.

The words that I never (in a million-trillion years) would have ever believed I would ever utter (not even in jest) are these:

Pappa Bear Bill O'Reilly has accomplished something which I would have previously considered Impossible - if I had ever ventured to consider such an unlikely act coming from the man behind The O'Reilly Factor (on Fox). A feat which, when I first watched the tape, left me momentarily stunned & speechless and one which I willingly admit is deserving of our respect and is the kind of use of time and resources for which I would encourage him to engage in more often.

What did O'Reilly do?

He spent some of his On-Air time during The O'Reilly Factor reviewing some of the most pervasive online myths regarding President Obama and then stating to his (inexplicably) wide audience that they are, indeed, False claims and then exposing the Truth Behind The Lie/Myth.

To say I was stunned to see the historically right-wing and non fact-checking Mr. O'Reilly's participating in Truth-Seeking and Myth-Busting - especially when it concerns our Democratic President and especially on-the-record and On-The-Air during his own program... is the epitome of understatement.

First, he Trumped ridiculous Wanna-Be Republican Candidate for President, Donald Trump, following the D-oh-nald's laughable attempt to lend credence to the already-busted and now simply delusional "Birther" myth/belief that President Obama wasn't born in Hawaii/America.

And that was just for starters.

Uh... Way to go, Bill!  And, umm.... Keep up the great work!

(F.Y.I. ~ Hell has just frozen over.)

Here's the clip that blew my mind and... restored my faith in hum... (Nah...) restored my belief that Anything's Possible:

(From Wednesday, April 13, 2011's The Daily Show)
Daily Show: Tales of Principled Behavior - Obama Birth Certificate Mystery

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