Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily Show: Friends Without Benefits. GOP Sen. Stearns Says FU To 1st Responders...

Off all the Bone-Headed, Idiotic & Infinitely-Offensive Congressional Amendments shoved into a bill before they'd begrudgingly approve it...

As if Congress's taking 9 yrs. just to pass a Healthcare Bill that would assist our 9/11 First Responders in paying for their medical expenses - paying for treatment of the cancers and the respiratory diseases they've developed after sifting through the World Trade Center Tower rubble (for weeks on end) - tirelessly searching through the still-smouldering devastation, dust and blood for remains so that those still missing could, finally, be identified and their families could, eventually, have some sort of closure... As if that wasn't enough ...

Nope, apparently not...

In an "Insult To Injury" Amendment added by Senator Cliff Stearns (R.FL)...

America's 9/11 First Responders (the ones who haven't already Died from injuries sustained doing those heroic duties) who submit a claim so that they can pay for their medical treatment, must first undergo a background check/be checked against the Terrorist Watch List before receiving money for their chemotherapy.

Ugh!... sometimes I Really Dislike human beings.

(From last night's The Daily Show.)

* I'd encourage you to watch the segment - in its entirety - as broadcast in the whole episode (It's the first segment in the episode).  For some reason, Comedy Central chopped it into two pieces and "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" - as some wise person once said.

First clip (3:36)

Second clip (5:20)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (April 26, 2011)



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