Thursday, April 07, 2011

Versace 2011: That's Mighty White Of Them...

"That's Mighty White Of Them..."


I must say that, after having perused Versace's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection runway fashion show images, that I'm...  Wow...  Well, I'm...

I guess "Stunned" would be a good word.

Mind you, I don't mean "Stunned" in good way.

"Why?", you might ask... (Please Ask.)

Because every single runway model - in both Versace's men's & women's collections - is... oh... Uber-Caucasian.

In fact... (personally) I found the men extremely Aryan-looking and not all that physically-attractive - for my own tastes, anyway.  As I looked at them, I kept seeing Prince Charles, for some reason...

And, in the spirit of "full-disclosure", to be honest: looking at high-end European facist... (oops!)... I meant fashion... show models is something that I never do, usually.

Like you, I have infinitely more important things to do taking up so called "time" in my life - like watching grass grow - but I had to grit my teeth and do a little slumming while doing research for one of my upcoming eBay listings.

So, I have yet to compare Versace's dismal, pasty-faced parade to the diversity (or lack thereof) found at other fashion power-houses...

But, now that Versace's glaring lack of color - not to mention evolution - has gotten my ire up...
What can I say?

It's a dirty job... but, somebody's gotta do it.  And, as is often the case in such situations, I pick... Me.

So, in the coming days, I'll be going undercover... I'll become a "Pretender".

The "Pretend": I'll become a style-conscious Fashionista... getting a line on all the glamour-gossip... rubbing virtual shoulders with the chi-chi and the (eww!) trendy...


And then, after I've taken a very long, very hot shower (or three) and scrubbed all of the over-the-top superficiality off of me... I'll let you know what I've uncovered.


*The House of Versace has been run by sister Donatella since Gianni was murdered in the 1990's.

P.S. ~ Check out the photos for yourselves and let me know what You think:

Versace's Fall/Winter 2011 Women's Collection.

Versace's Fall/Winter 2011 Men's Collection.

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