Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Krugman Reviews: Deluded P.Ryan; bi-partisan if it kills ya Obama & Progressive Yes We Can Plans

Hey Boys & Girls:
Below you will find a crystal clear, concise, to-the-point & user-friendly overview of the current federal budget proposals - Courtesy of Mr. Paul "Listen to the Voice of Reason" Krugman over at NYT.
Mr. Krugman touches on the Big Three:
Mr. Paul "I'm not Courageous/But I'm Cute - for a Republican" Ryan's Magical Thinking-Non Deficit Reducing-Robin Hoodlum GOP Plan; President Barack "Bi-Partisanship Is Overrated" (Yeah, I know it's wishful thinking) Obama's More Practical-Deficit Reducing-Could Be Even Better Plan & the *Congressional Progressive Caucus' Plan.
*Psst - Between you, me and the water-cooler - That last Plan is the Only One that Really Can Balance The Federal Budget In 10 Years - No Magical Thinking, No Crushing Debt Nor Devastating Disappointment Required!
Hey, Senator Ryan (and GOP-paid "Ain't Paul Brave?" Pep Squad):
Wisely , Fairly, & Successfully Reducing the Federal Deficit Whilst,  Simultaneously, Nurturing A Healthy Economy Doesn't take an Iota of Courage - not that you've shown anything resembling that, either.
It only requires a handful of priceless characteristics: Honesty, Integrity, (Un)Common Sense... Oh, and Mad Math Skills (or someone who has them) .
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