Friday, May 13, 2011

We Only Have Your 'Asbestos' Interests In Mind, Eh?

"We Only Have Your 'Asbestos' Interests In Mind, Eh?..."

You might find this shocking, if you still live under the delusion that Canadians are harmless:

Asbestos, Quebec - a blue-collar Canadian mining town - is proudly selling 400,000 tons of chrysotile fiber (asbestos) a year to India.  Not only that, they are also actively promoting greater use of the slow-hacking-death-inducing stuff elsewhere... Specifically targeting those places, like India, where its use has not (yet) been banned despite being known to cause mesothelioma (lung cancer) - killing 100,000 people each year.

The more cynical among us might say, "Well, that's one way to reduce the world's unsustainable (over)population.".

And although that's true, personally, I consider doing such business - whilst, all the while, knowing of the painful, slow deaths that will come as a result - is wrong.

If any for-profit business wants to beat the rush and be among the first to promote the undeniably Enlightened goal of humanity maintaining a sustainable human population...

Human beings actively promote and enforce population control of every other prolific and not-so-prolific species... So why won't they actively control their own resource-decimating numbers?

... Then, produce and promote condoms and birth control... Not chrysotile or other carcinogens.


Enjoy this brief, funny and very informative clip from from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, with correspondent Aasif Mandvi (5/12/11):

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