Tuesday, May 31, 2011

World Health Organization: Cell phones/Mobiles 'May Cause Brain Cancer'

Hello? Mom? Dad? Bro? (Other Bro?)...

See! I told you guys that I wasn't a Conspiracy Theorist.
* I simply happen to be Waaay Ahead of my Time.

And no, don't worry... I won't say "I told you so".

But... (Argh! It's soo tempting!)

Please tell me that you guys all remember back when I was posting all of those "Cell Phone Use & Brain Cancer" flyers all around town and I was telling everyone I knew about the possible cell/mobile phone - brain damage/cancer link and about that one cell-phone industry-hired scientist (poor guy. was just doing his job. with Integrity) who had been - for all intents and purposes - blackballed after it had been revealed that the very research the cell-phone industry had paid him - quite handsomely - to carry out had produced - not their intended cell phones-are-harmless-to-the-brain results - but that, instead, pointed to the likelihood that long-term/repeated cell phone use might lead to brain damage and, possibly cancer?

It was years ago. Before I even had my own handy-dandy cell phone.

What? How many years?

Oh... Um, I'm really not sure. It's been quite a while, though, of that I'm sure.

And, I gotta tell ya something - I've been noticing that my memory's gotten kinda sketchy... over the last few years... Since I've had my cell phone... Hmmm.

How 'bout You?

Don't Forget To...
Check out the latest on the cell phone-brain cancer link story (based upon an evidence review by the World Health Organization) at the BBC:

Cell phones/Mobiles 'May Cause Brain Cancer'

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