Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BBC: Blackpool Shale Gas Drilling (Fracking) Suspended After Quake

Fracking: It's not just about flame-throwing faucets, anymore...
(As if anyone could possibly need more reason than that to bring it the whole "Boom-ing" business to a grinding halt, bringing in Independent scientists/environmentalists and oversight and... take things S-L-O-W-L-Y.)

Apparently, the movie "Gasland" hasn't had it's needed impact in the ol' U.K.... yet.

Nope. Fire from our faucets isn't a cause celebre over yonder... But, having two very similar small earthquakes occurring in two month in the vicinity of the gas drilling seems to have gotten their attention.

Umm, Hello?... Commons Energy Select Committee Members?
Do you all honestly believe that whole '"tight regulation and good industry practice" will ensure safety' line you're running with?

Uh, you can't be serious?!

Your committee is actually putting your faith, trust and - not just the health - but, the very lives of your friends, neighbors and loved ones to...

To what - Bottom Line - amounts to nothing more than the Corporate Honor System?
"C'mon. You can Trust us. Just look at our Bottom Line."

The Corporate Honor System... Really?
(I dunno how you're able to sleep at night and/or look at yourselves in the mirror.)

Oh, I know what it is: You must be High.

Check out the latest on gas-fracking quakes from: BBC News:

Blackpool Shale Gas drilling suspended after quake

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