Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Taliban Whips And Executes Pregnant Widow Accused Of Adultery

(Heart-)Breaking News...

To Be Filed Under: "What Freaking Century Are We In, Again?".

Official Reports From Afghanistan Confirm The Tragic News That The Taliban - After Holding A Pregnant Widow In Captivity For Three Days - Has Executed Her.

The Reason?

The Pregnant Widow Had Been Accused Of Adultery.

My First Question: Is it that the woman didn't "look" pregnant prior to becoming a widow?
Of course, that doesn't mean that she wasn't pregnant.

So, A Pregnant Widow Was Accused Of Adultery And Then Executed.

That's Awful Enough.

But, There's More...

Apparently - In Taliban-Controlled Parts Of Afghanistan - If They Go From "Accusation" Directly To "Execution"... The Amount Of Horror Felt By And Fear Induced In Any Sane Witnesses Would Be Over Too Quickly.

If For Nothing Else, The One Thing The Taliban Can Be Counted On To Do Is This:
Making A World-Horrifying Spectacle Of Public Torture And Execution... Especially If It Involves Women.

In This Particular Case, The Taliban Managed To Abstain From Executing The Pregnant Widow...

Until After They'd Whipped Her 200 Times, Publicly.

And, It Was Only After The Pregnant Widow Had Been Struck 200 Times, That One Of The Taliban Finally Shot Her.

He Shot Her In The Head... Three Times.
(Source: Voice Of America News)

Half-way into the VOA article, my next question was:

"What About The Man?"

If The Widow Was Said To Be "Guilty" Because She Was Pregnant...

Well, Then The Man Who Committed Adultery With Her... The Man Who Impregnated The Widow Was Equally Guilty, Right?

Well, no.

Of course not.

This is the Taliban...

The Man Was Not Flogged.

The Man Was Not Shot - In The Head Or Anywhere Else.

The Man Was Not Punished.

No Justice. No Equality. No Humanity.

And they want to rule over every man, woman, boy and girl in Afghanistan, again.

IMHO: Humanity Must Do Everything It Can To Prevent That From Ever Happening.

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