Thursday, August 19, 2010

Follow The Money say O'Reilly/Beck/Huckabee/Fox... So, Follow This: NewsCorp-$1Mill=GOP+$1Mill

What Can You Do If...

You Want To Uncover And Expose Which Crooked Corporations Are Making Large Campaign Contributions In Order To Buy Political Influence in America...

You Need Only Do One Thing:

"Follow The Money Trail!"
~ The Passionate Exhortation Of Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck & Mike Huckabee over at Fox "News".

Glenn Beck uses chalk, chalkboards, melodrama and meandering mazes to illustrate the twisted tie-ins he perceives pervade American politics (and, occasionally, he throws in the nazis and/or hitler - I refuse to capitalize those two words.).

Here's a very recent example of exactly how the recent and asinine U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate contributions to political campaigns may have opened the floodgates to f.s.u. (fk stuff up) in American politics:

NewsCorp (The Parent Company of Fox "News") just gave $1Million to the GOP.

For those who may be accustomed to Glenn Beck's method of doing things, I'm repeating Jon Stewart's example - sans chalkboard - here goes:

Now, Remember What Bill, Glenn and Mike Said, "Follow The Money.".

NewsCorp/Fox-----$1Million Dollars-----GOP/Republicans

Easy, huh?

Check Out Jon Stewart's Delightful Take on this event...


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