Friday, August 13, 2010

Why You Should Care About California's Proposition 8 Case

Why should you or anyone care either way about California’s Prop. 8?

Because, the battle isn’t only about gay and lesbian rights.

As written, California’s Prop. 8 was state-sanctioned discrimination.

So, the issue is really one of justice.

To allow Prop. 8 to stand, unopposed, would be cowardly thing to do. Not only that, it would also threaten everyone's liberty.

Think about it...

It wasn’t that long ago that a number of states had anti-miscegenation - so-called ”racial purity” laws. These laws made it illegal for people of different races to marry.

Then, on June 12, 1967, the US Supreme Court struck down the laws (Loving V Virginia), saying they were discriminatory and, therefore, unconstitutional.

And... surprise! surprise!, the "traditional institution of marriage” survived evolving further to include recognizing the right of people to marry regardless of their race.

And, what does this show?

It shows that the “institution of marriage” isn't a fragile wisp of a thing.
The "institution of marriage" will survive evolving even further to include recognizing the right of gay and lesbian citizens to marry whom they love, too.

America is a shining example of what civilized society can be. We are proud of our founding documents which guarantee inalienable rights, freedom, equality and equal protection - for all Americans.

So, I encourage you to open your eyes, minds and hearts.

And, to fight against falling victim to the attempts of manipulative, short-sighted and small-minded people whose goal is to control you by fueling fallacious fears, encouraging intolerance or inciting hatred..

Thank You.


Here's a good article on Prop. 8 and the continuing court case from

Re-Starting California's Gay Marriages: No Contest?

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