Sunday, August 15, 2010

US Cattle Cloned From Dead Animals. Demand Clone-Free Food Labels

In light of what you are about to read...

I encourage you to actively fight for Your Right To Be Informed About What, Exactly, Is In The Food That You Are Eating.

I feel that it's imperative for all of us to demand that the FDA approve either "Cloned Food" Labels Or "Clone-Free Food" Labels.


Check This Out...

I just stumbled across what I deem to be a significantly newsworthy story:

You'll never guess what the FDA is allowing into the US Food Supply...
Without Your Knowledge or Informed Consent?

What surprised me the most about this meaty morsel is...

The fact that this is a US-based story, regarding the US Food Supply/Chain.
It's about something which effects every single American...

Yet, the first and - so far - only article covering it from a major worldwide news source/outlet comes from the U.K?

From the BBC?
(Not that I'm unappreciative. I'm very grateful to them.)

But, why wasn't the first article/report...

No, wait...
(I had to double-check.)

Why isn't there any report coming out of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.?

Here's a "taste"...


Cattle 'Cloned From Dead Animals'

"Some of the cattle cloned to boost food production in the US have been created from the cells of dead animals."

"Farmers say it is being done because it is only possible to tell that the animal's meat is of exceptionally high quality by inspecting its carcass."

"Cloning is not used by livestock farmers in Europe, and there are moves by some members of the European Parliament to ban it altogether."

"Two years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that meat and milk from cloned animals were safe to eat. Ever since then, products from the offspring of cloned animals have entered the food chain."

Here's the Link to the entire article:

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