Thursday, August 05, 2010

GOP Congressional Candidates' Draconian Anti-Choice Views

Nevada's Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Sharron Angle, was asked about her "No abortions under any circumstances" position...

In the situation where a child was raped by her father has become pregnant as a result of the rape... How would she (Angle) explain her position?

Ms. Angle's response ended with a remark about simply making what is "... a lemon situation into lemonade.".

(No, I'm not kidding.)

Apparently, in Ms. Angle's macabre mind, a victim of incest/rape who was made pregnant is nothing more than "a lemon situation".

And, following Ms. Angle's "logic"... She believes that to then force the victim of incest/rape to carry the pregnancy to term, go through labor and birth is simply taking a "lemon" and making "lemonade".

Personally, I find Ms. Angle's glib delivery of an utterly callous and insensitive, over-simplification rather horrifying.

Wait. There's more...

When Kentucky's Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Rand Paul, was asked for his position on choice in cases of rape/incest...

Rand Paul began his response by noting the successful results in the use of "the morning-after pill" and he ended his statement with a remark about providing "... better family-planning."


"Better family-planning", Rand?

Between rapists and rape victims?

Sounds unbelievable... and rather disconcerting, no?

But, you don't have to simply take my word for it.

Here are these GOP Congressional Candidates, in their own words, on tape and on the record...


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