Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center? Let's Follow The Connections...

Something for us all to ponder...

"Is Fox News a Terrorist Command Center?"

Honestly, I really don't know... not for sure.

And, neither does Jon Stewart, for that matter.

But, if you look closely at what plays on the screen...

Well, anyone can see it there.

Plain as day...

Notice what Jon is holding in his hands: a large, white note-card.

The very card which displays the names of certain shadowy and powerful men on it... written in black.

At the top is Rupert Murdoch's name, followed by a certain Saudi Sheik - one who owns the most NewsCorp stock outside the Murdoch family - and then, at the bottom, there's Former Mayor Giuliani's name.

If we were to go beyond the names?

Well, there's a maze of curious, deep and long connections which could be drawn between all of them... if one were inclined to do so.

And, saving the best for last...

There's that accursed yet ever present yellow highlighter...

(Cue ominous background music)


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