Friday, October 24, 2014

US Coalition Bills Iraq $260 Million For... Failure to Stop ISIS Advances

ISIL (ISIS) and Ebola have been running neck and neck in the race to be the mainstream media's Imminent-Danger Darlings ("This is CNN: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.").

I thought I'd dig up a truthful, timely and pertinent article on the fight against ISIL (ISIS).

When I heard that a U.S.-led coalition was going to be flying sorties/air strikes against ISIL, my first thought was, "Well, those a**holes are finally gonna get what they deserve.".

Sadly, not only has ISIL getting their just desserts not been the result of military activities but, apparently, the U.S.-led coalition is planning on billing Iraq hundreds of millions of dollars (that Iraq never agreed to pay in the first place) for... what exactly?

Cities are reported under siege.  Cities are allowed to fall (It's not a tactically significant target.").  But, significant for whom?  The people living somewhere ISIL is about to overrun?  The priceless archaeological treasures which are part of humanity's collective heritage and are being plundered?  I've heard war is good for the economy, but shouldn't it also be good for something other than making money?  If that's at all possible?

"The Iraqi people and their political leadership were optimistic when the United States first announced its intention to form an international military coalition to assist Iraq in its war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). At the time, everyone assumed that a solution was close and that Western jet fighters will wipe out ISIS. They all believed that the Obama administration will be Iraq’s savior from terrorism."

"Ever since the onset of the aerial campaign, coalition aircrafts have focused on the border region between Mosul under ISIS control and Iraq’s Kurdistan in the north, raising suspicions that the West is actually worried about its own interests and is not fighting terrorism, especially since some threatening rallies have emerged near Baghdad, but the West has so far refrained from targeting them."

Here's a direct link to an eye-opening article about the coalition's activities, the actual results of those activities and the cost (From

US-led Coalition Bills Iraq $260 Million Despite Failure to Stop ISIS Advances

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