Saturday, October 04, 2014

Debunk'd?; A Brief History Lesson And UFO Files: The Gray's Agenda (Video)

Mr. Joe "Debunk'd!" Nickel:
Re: Your dismissal of the 'leaked' Majestic 12 Documents:

A single cut-and-pasted signature on a single document does not preclude the veracity of any of the others.  And, even if most of the documents are be proven to be fakes, it's the ones that are genuine which have significance, not so much the fake ones.

Also (for those of whom cannot tolerate the ET hypothesis, as well as for those of whom cling to it and disregard all other possibilities), as pointed out - repeatedly - by the brilliant Jacques Vallee - human beings have been passing down and recording stories of observations of strange lights/objects in the skies and of abductions of individuals by non-human beings since ancient times.  Whether the events are perceived as religious/Angelic experiences; contact with Faeries/The Good People; with demons; or with ufonauts... although the names given to the objects and beings have changed numerous times over the centuries, their outward appearance, movement, behavior, related phenomena and physical traces left behind are remarkably the same.

Enjoy this entertaining video:

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