Friday, October 31, 2014

Consequences Of Increased Global Meat Consumption On The Environment | Stanford Woods Institute

"'People aren't going to stop eating meat,' said Harold A. Mooney, professor of biology and a senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford."

I disagree. People just need to be better informed in order to, hopefully, make wiser decisions:

The unfortunate animals raised on overcrowded industrial factory-feedlots are far from the picture of health: They spend their lives standing in their own filth; they're force-fed grains (GMO corn?), despite being evolutionarily-designed to consume/digest grasses; unhealthy diet = unhealthy animal, so, they're subjected to massive injections of antibiotics; the ranchers need to move them from the farm to the rendering plant ASAP, so, they get injected with GMO growth-hormones to fatten them up faster. (Note to self:  Look up if any of that GMO pharma-crap ends up in the meat...  Oh, never mind.  I'm a vegetarian.)

Cattle-raising is massively devastating to our environment, too.  Most grain production is for feeding all those cattle.  All those acres of antibiotic/hormone-laced manure have got to be bad for any ground-water or nearby bodies of water.  Cattle burp and pass gas every few minutes: that's a huge amount of unnecessary, damaging methane going into the atmosphere.

Wow.  With the collective toxicity of cattle, cars and people...  Humanity might be doomed.

Or, they can begin making smarter, informed choices.

Here's an interesting article on reducing some of the harmful impact of the beef industry:

Consequences of increased global meat consumption on the global environment -- trade in virtual water, energy & nutrients | Stanford Woods Institute

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