Thursday, October 02, 2014

Every Freedom-Loving Sentient Being Should Know About Graham Hancock

If you have never heard Graham Hancock speak... (*sigh)... Nevermind.

Please, just allow me to offer you a little taste:

"We believe that we live in a free society and have liberties.  This is our most cherished possession after centuries of struggling for liberty - that we are free.  But if I am not sovereign over my own consciousness, if I cannot take decisions about my own consciousness, then I might as well not talk about any other freedom, because without my consciousness I'm nothing.  And, if some government dictate may tell me what I may and may not do to my consciousness, without causing any harm to others... if I can be imprisoned simply because I explore, harmlessly my own consciousness, then I am not free.  And I do not live in a free society.  And all this humbug about democracy is rubbish".

(From: Echan Deravy Interviews Graham Hancock)

Wow.  He hits the proverbial nail on the head, doesn't he?

You're Welcome.

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