Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two Tour Iraq War Marine Veteran Scott Olsen Shot By Police At Occupy Oakland

"To Protect And Serve?"
The Oakland Police Department has now surpassed the LAPD in the Annals Of Police Brutality:
On Tuesday, Riot Gear-Clad OPD officers attacked Occupy Oakland Protesters with Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas and Flash-Bang Grenades. The assault resulted in the arrest over 100 people and in serious injuries to many of those present as well. Scott Olsen, a Two-Tour Iraq War Marine Veteran, was hospitalized in Critical Condition after he was shot in the head with a projectile by an Oakland police officer. (A growing number of photos and video of this heinous act as well as other brutal offenses by Oakland Police are being posted online.)
Police "Policy" specifically prohibits the firing of such weapons at people's heads. But, since when have people who have been bestowed with the means to wield excessive power over others refrained from excessively-abusing that power?

"According to Keith Shannon, a friend who served with Olsen during his time in Iraq, Olsen was hit in the head with a tear gas or smoke canister, and he has the scar on his head to prove it."
It would have been an exceptional idea if someone in a position of authority in the City Of Oakland had actually explained to their police officers - in the simplest of terms - what is expected of the Oakland Police Department... As well as how their officers are expected to carry out those sacred duties/responsibilities... And especially - in emotionally-charged situations such as the events which unfolded on Tuesday at Occupy Oakland: How To Do So without Critically-Injuring Unarmed Constitutionally-Protected (though, alas, not rubber bullet- nor flash-bang grenade-proof) American Protesters... And, How-To Do So without turning public opinion even more against them at every conceivable instance/opportunity...
Oakland Police Department continues to deny that they used flash-bang grenades on protesters, but as more and more eyewitness videos are posted online, it's becoming plainly obvious who is telling the Truth and who is Lying...

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