Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(GOP) Machine Against The Rage (Occupy Wall Street, et al). In Other Words: It's Working.

Fox & Co. (I won't call Fox "news" - it isn't) conservative bobble-heads, GOP presidential wanna-Be's, right-wing talk-show hosts (rodeo clown glenn beck still breathes piss & vinegar on radio), etc. have entered "Full Panic Mode" and are getting hysterical over the Occupy Wall Street protests and its Occupy spin-off protests across America.

(That said, there's no better proof than this that the Occupy Wall Street Protests are effective/working.)

Their Methods?

Same as Always: Derision, Demonizing, Infiltrating, Instigating, embedding Provocateurs of Pepper Spray...

And yet, just listen to what the eloquent former Senator Alan Grayson said to PJ O'Rourke on Bill Maher...

Mr. Grayson received a Standing Ovation (deservedly so).

(From: The Rachel Maddow Show.)

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