Friday, October 28, 2011

10/27/11 Rachel Maddow Show: Continuing Developments At Occupy Oakland

The Rachel Maddow Show continues to cover the recent violent police actions which targeted Occupy Oakland.

Maddow reported that the condition of the hospitalized 22 year old Iraq War Veteran, Scott Olsen, has been upgraded from 'critical' to 'fair'. Also included was video taken at a press conference, held Thursday, of the Oakland Police Department's Interim Chief as he announced that a full investigation of the actions of the police that led to Scott being shot in the head with a projectile was underway. The interim chief said that this investigation is considered a top priority and that it would be handled in the same manner as an officer-involved shooting (which it basically was).

Also speaking at the press conference was Oakland's Mayor Jean Quan, whose attitude towards the Occupy Oakland protesters has softened, noticeably. Mayor Quan is scheduled to speak before the assembly at Occupy Oakland tonight (Friday).

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