Friday, October 28, 2011

From RawStory: Doctors Say Scott Olsen Suffered Brain Damage, Is Unable To Speak

Still ~ Some Good News Also Arrived With This Announcement...

Iraq Veteran Scott Olsen, who was critically-injured by Oakland Police On Tuesday night, is now awake and lucid, yet he is currently unable to speak. He is able to communicate by writing notes, although his ability to spell has been damaged. Scott's doctors did determine that he has suffered brain damage from the force of the blow of the police projectile that was fired at him using a shotgun from a few feet away, still they are very confident that Scott will eventually make a full recovery.

(Nationwide, Collective: "Whew!" of relief... Followed by a raucous roar of Cheering.).

Dear Scott: We're Absolutely Thrilled To Hear You're Out Of The Woods and Well On Your Way To Healing!

Here's the Link to the The RawStory's front-page article (by Stephen C. Webster):

RS ~ Doctors: Scott Olsen Suffered Brain Damage And Is Unable To Speak

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