Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Police Attack Occupy Oakland Camp - Uprising

Here's A Breaking And Significantly Newsworthy Event - And It Still Hasn't Appeared In Any Of The Usual News Outlets...

Early Morning Police Attack On Occupy Oakland:

Hundreds of riot gear-clad Oakland Police Department officers amassed at Frank Ogawa Plaza/Oscar Grant Plaza at around 4:40 am Tuesday and began firing rubber bullets and tear gas to break up the Occupy Oakland protests. After labeling the area a "crime scene", police demolished the camp, clearing tents, a "kitchen" and designated first-aid area.

At a press conference, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan admitted to the use of tear gas and rubber bullets by the officers involved. Jordan also referred to the use of open-flame cooking by protesters at the site.

Oh... O.K. That explains Everything! So, it was Occupy Oakland's heinous act of cooking-food-while-protesting (Gasp!)...

That's why the Oakland Police Department went all SWAT on their fellow Americans...

That justifies their use of tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades...


Police Attack Occupy Oakland Camp - Uprising

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