Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Americans Are Fighting Back Against GOP War On Voting... And Winning!

*Urgent Plea: America, Please Don't Take Your Right To Vote For Granted!

There's an organized, law-changing (GOP) attack on American voting rights (minorities, early voters, troops overseas, etc.) across the country.

Also, the various recent attacks on union-rights are no less than attacks on both the middle-class and the Democratic Party.

How do you combat these utterly Anti-U.S. Constitution/Anti-American attacks?

Be Aware:  Pay attention to/Know what is going on in your State Legislature. Look for changes/new laws that affect your County Clerk's Office, especially.

Be Informed: Find out if and/or how the new laws might alter; impede; or take away your right or your neighbors' Right to Vote.

Fight Back: Thousands of Americans have rallied together to fight back against various state-wide GOP attacks on Voting Rights. They've gathered thousands of signatures and successfully made legal challenges, which have resulted in judicial-holds being placed on state measures intended to keep people from being able to vote.
Thousands of Americans have succeeded in getting Citizens' Repeal/Citizens' Recall Initiatives added to their upcoming ballots in order to remove blatantly un-American politicians from office as well as to repeal laws that had been put into effect without their input/consideration/vote in order to take away various Americans' rights.

Fighting Back is Important Because Fighting Back Works.

Because Every American Has the Right To Vote.

Even if you feel that any recent changes to voting laws/union-rights won't affect you, personally - Please understand this: If the changes affect other Americans in your state, eventually, they will affect you, too.

(*Unless, you simply don't care that other people are abusing the power of their political office to take away your rights...)

Making it Harder To Vote and/or Taking Away Any Americans' Right-To-Vote is blatant Abuse Of Power and 'utter disdain for the U.S. Constitution', two actions which - if left unchecked - will tilt the playing field in order to create an unfair advantage for those who have implemented the changes.

And to do that, my dear friends, is to attack our Democracy.

Enjoy this brief clip from The Rachel Maddow Show.
Rachel's guest is Mr. Gilbert Ortiz, County Clerk of Pueblo County, CO.
He is also, now, one of my Heroes who will, I hope, become one of yours, too.

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