Saturday, October 16, 2010

We All Vote. Whether Actively Or Passively. We All Vote. Please Be Active. Vote On Nov. 2, 2010

My Fellow Americans...

As Americans, we All Vote.

You might not realize it or even think so... but, even if you don't actually register to vote... even if you don't go to your local polling place and choose where to mark your ballot... You are voting...

In spite of your apparent apathy, discouragement or lack of active participation.

Whether or not to Vote Is Your Choice, of course...

But, honestly, wouldn't you prefer to participate in actively steering the ship... rather than simply being a buoy on the ocean?

Considering the Unenlightened, Democracy-Damaging and Utterly Stupid (J.Robert's) Supreme Court "Citizens United" Decision (which has - as predicted - opened the floodgates to allow Unlimited and Un-Traceable political ad campaign contributions)...

And, considering the significant number of crack-pots, kooks, wing-nut extremists & just plain utterly unqualified candidates who've thrown their hats into the political ring...

And, considering the fact that many of those sizable corporate "Citizens United" Decision benefactors - er, I mean anonymous Republican Big-Money Donors - see Nothing Wrong with throwing their considerable financial support behind the aforementioned extremists and unqualified candidates...

It Is Supremely Important That You Vote On November 2, 2010.

If You Are Registered To Vote - Bless You.

If Not, Please Get Registered (Deadlines may vary).

And Vote On Nov. 2nd.

*Here, in California, the deadline to Register is MONDAY, Oct. 18th.*

Thank You.

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