Monday, October 11, 2010

GOP Conservatives: "They're Afraid To Debate Us!" TRMS: "Let's Debate." GOP: "Er... Um, No."

There are numerous Conservative GOP candidates have gone to great extents to make their unhappiness with how they are covered on MSNBC, TRMS and Countdown known.

They complain, profusely, in fund-raising emails; they use them as a 'laugh line' in their stump speeches; they make the ludicrous claims: (courtesy of a Liz Cheney ad) "They (msnbc, et al) Are Afraid To Debate Us.".

These conservatives' cries of "foul" are utterly ludicrous for a very simple fact:

As an example: Despite having been repeatedly invited to appear in-person on TRMS and to have the opportunity to say, in their own words, what it is exactly that Rachel had (in their minds) gotten wrong about them - they've resolutely refused to do so.

And, to this day, they continue to refuse an open invitation.

So, I ask you, "Who, Exactly, Is Afraid Of Whom?".

Here's a brief yet fact-filled clip of Rachel explaining the blatant hypocrisy of their claims when one considers that they are the ones refusing to appear on the show. It also includes yet another warm, friendly, cheerful and open invitation from Rachel for any one of them to please come on the show to debate her.


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