Thursday, October 14, 2010

Psst... May I Interest You In Some Truly Bloody True Blood Clothing You Can Win!

Are You A True Blood Fan?

I Mean... A Real, Blood & Guts True Blood Fan?


No way - Me Too!

But ~ Are You Fan Enough To Wear A Bloody Gen-u-yne Article Of True Blood Clothing (& I do mean "Bloody") - Something Worn By One Of Our Favorite Living, Dead &/Or Undead This All Hallow's Eve?

Or... Whenever.

Well, Then... Here's The Link:

Peep the pics, check off the items u like (for men & women) and then just Sign-up (email and a name) at HBO's True Blood Shop for a chance to win it.

And... What if you're (gasp!)... Not A Fan Of True Blood?

Well, Then... Just Bite Me. :P

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