Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forget Literacy Tests For Voters. Require Constitutional Competency Tests For Candidates.

In February, former Colorado Congressman, Tom Tancredo, popped up at the national tea party gathering  (one of those rallies with a bunch of "It's the Constitution, stupid." signs.) and advocated requiring citizens to take/pass a civic literacy test before being allowed to vote.

Hey, Tom... I have a much better idea.

And, my idea would be of significant benefit to all Americans: We should begin to require that every candidate who wants to campaign for public office in the United States take a test on a single, supremely important subject: The U.S. Constitution and the Constitutional Amendments.

Duh... It's a no-brainer!

Every candidate wanting to run for City Council, Mayor, Governor, Congress, etc. up to the President should have to prove they are the proud possessors of an in-depth understanding of our nation's founding document... the basis of our Democracy: The U.S. Constitution.

No Exceptions Allowed

No Excuses.

And, simply put... Failure = A Candidate Is Utterly Unqualified to hold public office.

Let's give it a little practice run...

How about we test the knowledge of some of the 2010 mid-term candidates on an easy item:
The First Amendment Of The U.S. Constitution.

Here goes...

Enjoy! (I did.)

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