Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beltway Media Adopts GOP Narrative For 2010 Midterm Elections

When It Comes To The Question Of: Why Republicans Might Be Successful In Their Attempts To Take Both Congressional Seats And Other Political Offices From Democrats (Not that they actually will, mind you), The GOP Has Been Making Some Pretty Outrageous Claims:

The GOP has been and still is asking Americans to vote for Republican candidates for a multitude of reasons... And, not surprisingly, not one of these reasons is Truth- or Fact-based.

For Example:

This is:
The World According to the GOP Narrative and $GOP-Sponsored Media:

"Vote For Republicans, Because Republicans will Cut The Federal Deficit!"

No, Republicans will NOT do any such thing.
The Truth:
Extending All of the Bush Tax Cuts is A Goal Of The Republican Party. Extending the Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest Of Uber-Wealthy Americans Will ADD $4 TRILLION$ To The Federal Deficit.

"Republicans Are Against Big Government!"

No, they aren't.
The Truth:
If Elected To Public Office, A Frightening Number of GOP Candidates Will FORCE Female Victims of RAPE and INCEST To Carry To Term and then Give Birth To The Offspring Of Their RAPISTS!

"The Republicans Strongly Opposed The Stimulus, Saying It Wouldn't Help The Economy!"

Yes, they did oppose it on those grounds, but...
The Truth:
If The GOP Was So Utterly Convinced That Stimulus Money Wouldn't Create Jobs Or Help The Economy...
Then, Why Did GOP Politicos Then Turn Around -Doing A Complete 180-Degree Turn - And Ask For Their Share Of Stimulus Funds... Stating In Their Requests That "... Funds Will Create Jobs/Stimulate Their Economy"?


"Republicans Opposed Health Reform/Obamacare!"

Yep, they screamed about it... on camera. And, sure, some GOP Showboats have even brought about a lawsuit try and to stop it.
The Truth:
Virginia's conservative Attorney General is one of those whom have brought a Lawsuit to attempt to stop National Health Reform...
So, Why is it that Virginia's Republican Governor is - simultaneously - trying to take credit for all the new Funding Virginia just received as a result of that same National Health Reform/Obamacare?


"Republican Candidates Represent Economic Populism/Republicans Are Against Wall St. Fat Cats!"

A Big, Fat Lie.
The Truth:
Pennsylvania's Republican Senate Candidate is Pat Toomey. Mr. Toomey's last job was as a WALL ST. DERIVATIVES TRADER.
Indiana's Republican Senate Candidate Dan Coats. Mr. Coats previously worked as a DC LOBBYIST.

"Republican Candidates Are Political Outsiders/Are People Just Like You & Me!"

Ahem... Bull Pucky.
The Truth:
GOP Candidates Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller, etc... Have all been Perennial Crank Republican Candidates.

In all honesty:
The Republican Candidate Line-Up is hilarious! In fact, they deserve their own "Reality Show". I'm sure that Fox would do it (Fox will do anything.) All they'd have to do is drop the current national crop of GOP candidates onto a deserted, tropical island and let them have at it... and each other.
I've even picked out the Perfect Title for the show...
Call the show "Survive This!"

They'd be a Laugh Riot...
If they weren't so freaky, frightening and financed to run for political office.


Enjoy this clip from TRMS (I did)!


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