Friday, July 30, 2010

Rep, Anthony Weiner Rips Into House Republicans For Cowardice On 9/11 Health Care Bill

2011 will mark the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.


Did you know...
That the Wizards who were at the helm of the Environmental Protection Agency in 2001 had declared that the air at ground-zero was safe to breathe after the towers collapsed and disintegrated? (Remember that Dust/Debris Cloud?)

Heck, I knew the air at ground zero couldn't be anything other than Unsafe.
How could the EPA think/say it was safe?

At least 20 cops have died of illnesses related to WTC exposure (9/11 Police Aid Foundation).

Firefighters who worked tirelessly on that enormous, smoking and dangerous debris pile have developed elevated levels of sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease of the lymph nodes and other organs - which is often also accompanied by breathing difficulties.

There have been numerous cancer diagnoses and cancer deaths amongst First Responders, which many believe are a result of exposure to the toxins at ground zero (Thanks, again, EPA.)

And, 1000's of New Yorkers who were there have also developed breathing difficulties.

And now comes word that, in the House Of Representatives, all but 12 Republican Representatives did what they've gotten phenomenally good at over the last two years...

Saying "No.".

"No" on Health Care. "No" on a Public Option For Health Care. "No" on extending the Unemployment Benefits of Millions of Americans who lost their jobs and are looking for work.
"No" on Wall Street Reform.

Their response to any and/or all timely, needed, beneficial legislation: "NO." "NO." "NO."

Basically, the GOP is tossing out "No's" with the rapidity and recurrence of a group of people who are suffering from (apparently) undiagnosed cases of Tourette's Syndrome.

Today, all but 12 card-carrying members of the "Grand Ol' Party Of No" in the House Of Representatives callously rejected and killed the Bill which would have given free health-care and compensation for those 9/11 First Responders and Rescue Workers.

And, they did it over a petty procedural issue.

The Democrats hadn't wanted the GOP members to drag out the discussion of the bill while trying to add unrelated or unnecessary amendments to it. So, they sped up the process and put it to a vote.

And, for that, the House Republicans said, for the umpteenth time, "No.".

Our Heroes from 9/11 are suffering and they are dying and the GOP said, "No.".

And, that's when Representative Anthony Weiner (D, NY) stood at the podium and laid into those House GOP'ers who'd rejected the bill and who, thereby, turned their backs on our 9/11 First Responders.

Bravo, Representative Weiner.

Thank you for calling them what they are... cowards.

Check him out:

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