Monday, July 26, 2010

New Video 'Surfaces' Of 40-Ton Whale Giving A Piece Of Its Mind & It's Hide To Puny Annoying Humans - With Audio


On My Post About The 40-Ton Whale Off The Coast Of S. Africa That Propelled Itself Out Of The Water And Onto A 33ft. Yacht. The Whale Thrashed About; Knocked Down The Mast; Then Returned To The Water (W/ A Bit Less Skin & Blubber. Ouch.).

The Couple On The Boat, Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner, Have Repeatedly Denied Doing Anything To Provoke The Whale In Any Way.

(This Was One Of Two Questions I'd Raised In My Blog).

Sadly, We Aren't Able To Ask The Whale For It's Side Of The Story.

But, Something Has 'Surfaced' That Is Almost As Good.

Something That Refutes The Couple's Claims Of Being Nothing More Than Innocent Bystanders:

It Is A Video That Successfully Captured Not Only The Shocking Event, From Start To Finish, Itself... It Also Captured The Loud, Clear & Very Telling Remarks Of Those Who Were Watching The Events Unfold.

The website (where I first watched this video) certainly seemed excessively sympathetic to the couple in the total of three (3) sentences they printed about the story under the video.

After Watching The Video Myself, It Is Apparent That the or whomever wrote the three lines of copy under the video never bothered to watch & listen to the video that the very brief, three-line article is about.

*Guess What They Say About The Pair? Just Guess...

Here's a hint:

The person speaking begins with, "They don't listen. They don't listen..."


Perhaps the couple's insurance company has told them that it won't pay out a claim to replace the destroyed yacht, if the pair provoked, harassed and/or in some way brought the wrath of the whale on themselves?

:) :) :)

Especially for the Whale.

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