Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Oil Gush To Oil Hushhhh" Or "Dudley-Do-Wrong

"From Oil Gush To Oil Hushhhh"

CEO Bob Dudley, British Petroleum's New Tony Hayward, made a joyous announcement to the World, yesterday: "We haven't seen any oil flow into the Gulf since the 15th of July.".

No oil? Really? Wow, Bob... That's Terrific!
Umm...It's not that we don't trust/believe you, but...
Let's just take a look-see at BP's Live-Feeds online.
Hmm... Uh, Bob... BP's Live-Feeds online are all down.
The screens are black...

BP's Live-Feed of the DWH's broken well-head was down for 3 days.
And would, in all likelihood, still be down if it weren't for the fact that some wonderful person asked Ret. Coast Guard Commander Thad Allen "Why?" (Allen had no answer).
And then, Abracadabra! The Live-Feed came back up.

And, in regards to the veracity of Mr. Dudley's claim of being leak-proof and announcing that BP was scaling down its clean-up efforts...

Well, Mr. Dudley did his predecessor, Mr. Hayward, proud:
Mr. Dudley looked right at the camera and - without blinking or twitching - lied to us.

BP lie? No way!

BP Way!

Don't be fooled by Mr. Dudley or any other BP Bobble-head...

The cap on the DWH well head IS leaking.
It's not gushing like it was, mind you. But it is still leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

And, why the heck is BP scaling down the clean-up?

Would someone please tell Bob a lesson he should have learned in early-childhood:

Early-childhood Lesson (Customized for BP Bob): Just because you can't see the oil floating in huge plumes or slicks on the surface of the water (or on the blank screen of the former Live-Feed)...
That doesn't mean that it's not there - that doesn't mean that it no longer exists.

If that were true, then Tony Hayward suddenly stopped existing.
(It's not magic, he's just been transferred to BP-Siberia.)

No, the Clean-Up's gonna be Long-Term, Bob.
Put some divers in the water, will ya?

And, the whole Top-Kill Plan? Bad Idea. Very Bad. The well head is damaged/weakened enough.

But, that's the one good thing about British Petroleum: At least they are consistent.
All of BP's Post-Disaster & Off-The-Tops-Of-Their-Heads Plans with Stupid Names have been Very Bad Ideas.

Just dig the relief wells, BP/Bob-Tony... And, please, do it carefully.

Media/America: Please Don't Ease the Pressure/Attention on BP or Bob Dudley.

As we've already seen and continue to see - They're a slick and slimy bunch.

Here's oil-industry expert, Bob Cavnar, to share his wise perspective...

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  1. If it is proven that larvae of blue crabs and fiddler crabs sampled from Louisiana to Pensacola are contaminated with oil and corexit dispersant, (as one expert put it) “the effect on fisheries could last for years probably not a matter of months” and affect many species.

    SO we just stop eating crab and it will be OK right? Wrong!

    It all comes down to understanding the food chain. The food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community (an ecosystem) to obtain nutrition.


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