Friday, July 23, 2010

Oil's Well That Ends Well? Big Oil Responds To The Oil Spill/Spill Response... Again.

Oil's Well That Ends Well?

Post Exxon Valdez disaster, oil companies formed The Marine Spill Response Corp. and said that it would give them the ability to respond to the next disaster with effective, state-of-the-art measures.

Now, 20yrs. later, the BP DWH disaster has exposed the simple fact that Big Oil hasn't developed a single effective or state-of-the-art disaster response measure.

Now, Big Oil has announced that it is creating yet another special oil spill response organization called: The Marine Well Containment Company.

TMWCC is tasked with the same goals as the MSRC was 20 yrs. ago: Research and Develop state-of-the-art oil spill response measures to ensure a swift and effective response to the next big disaster.


As I listened to this latest announcement from Big Oil, one single and simple piece of wisdom came to mind:

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...".

Personally, I see this as nothing more than a blatant attempt by oil companies at damage control and improving their image...

"The Marine Well Containment Company"? Wow, what a great idea! I want them to be able to respond quickly to a disaster.

Common Sense dictates that We Don't Believe Them.

This latest move by the oil companies is a virtual carbon-copy of the action they took following the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska.

Deja Vu?

Carbon-Copy... As was discovered in the days following the BP/DWH disaster, this term describes in full not only BP's Gulf Oil Spill Response Plan - the one which was a virtual carbon-copy of their Arctic Response Plan... but also the official Oil Disaster Response Plan on file for each of the various oil companies. They were discovered to be utter Carbon-Copies of each other - minus the logos on the letterhead. Even down to each company's plan listing - as the company's go-to scientific expert in the event of a disaster - the name of a man who has been dead for several years.

I humbly offer that our Earth and our oceans are far too precious, fragile and irreplaceable to risk putting our trust in those who've proven themselves to be utterly untrustworthy.

From: The Rachel Maddow Show

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