Monday, November 21, 2016

An Open Letter To The EPA Re: Cellphone Boosters, RF Radiation and Burning Skin, Oh My!

An Open Letter/Email To The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Re: Cellphone Boosters, RF Radiation and Burning Skin (Oh My!):

"Dear EPA:

I am concerned about a recent experience I had while sitting in a public courtyard at a local open-air shopping mall.  I was sitting at a table with a friend and suddenly realized that I felt a focused heat on my left shoulder and upper arm.  Initially, I assumed that I had, inadvertently, sat too close to a nearby restaurant's patio heat-lamp.  But, when I got up to leave, I turned to look for the lamp and there was no heat-lamp... in fact, there was only an exterior, wall-mounted, cellphone booster antenna nearby.  It was placed about 8-ft. above the ground.  But, I definitely felt it heating my skin and deeper.  Like I said, I had thought it was a heat-lamp before I turned around.

I am concerned because, according to your own website, "At very high levels, RF energy is dangerous.", but the non-ionizing radiation from wireless technology that is capable of heating the body's tissues rapidly is supposed to be "... found only near certain equipment, such as powerful long-distance transmitters." and you go on to say that, although cellphone and wireless networks emit RF radiation, it's "not at levels that cause significant heating."

My recent experience definitely refutes these statements and I am concerned, not only for my own, but also for the public's safety.  Especially if there's no regulation of or laws regarding the amount of RF radiation that is being emitted from these widely-used, human-adjacent devices.

Please let me know - including the EPA - to whom and at what agency should I report this?

Thank you!

San Francisco, California

(From: "About Non-Ionizing Radiation From Wireless Technology)
... At very high levels, RF energy is dangerous. It can heat the body's tissues rapidly. However, such high levels are found only near certain equipment, such as powerful long-distance transmitters. Cellphones and wireless networks produce RF, but not at levels that cause significant heating. In addition, RF energy decreases quickly over distance. At ground level, exposure to RF from sources like cellphone towers is usually very low.""

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