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Got Laws of Physics?: 9/11 3D Analysis - 2016 Update - Richard D. Hall

At first, as I watched and listened to this video, my initial, physical reaction to the 3-D computer model- and electrical-engineer-supported information therein was that I felt like throwing up.

Don't get me wrong, I figured out in the months and years following the events that appeared to play out on 9/11/01 that the, then, developing "official" narrative was patently untrue.  (Give those crafty ol' boys an "A" for effort. In fact, brand it into each of their foreheads with white-hot irons.)

Full Disclosure: This video is painful to watch.  Why?  Because, it can be excruciating to come to the realization that a great many of those things that you've been led to believe - not only about the 9/11 attacks, but also, about America and what she stands for and what America's leaders* are truly capable of (*I'm not talking about then-President George W. Bush - he's a moron.  And, let's be completely honest, he wasn't in charge of anything during his tenure.  He was simply a face who kept a seat warm... and, whose father was a very powerful and wealthy man with very powerful and wealthy friends (Including - among many others - the House of Saud).

Richard Hall - the man who narrates this video - is no fringe conspiracy theorist.  He's a well-educated, scientific, detail-oriented man with a laser-like focus on uncovering the Truth of what really occurred on 9/11/01 in America.

So, yes, it may hurt to watch this video.  In fact, it may just open a sizable wound on one's psyche to discover that you and much of the world were sold a bloody bill of goods by a cabal of old, powerful, wealthy, influential, (mostly) white men whose primary objective is to not only maintain their current power, wealth and influence, but to increase and secure it.

Yes, a horrifying series of events occurred on 9/11/01.  And, yes, a particular group of men orchestrated and carried out a number of heinous crimes on 9/11/01.  BUT, they may not have been the events that you thought you saw (intentionally replayed over and over again, ad nauseum, for years) nor the alleged perpetrators (19 so-called 'hijackers' - 15 of which were Saudi, mind you - who were barely able to fly Cessna aircraft) that were blamed (Can you say "Scapegoats", boys and girls? Good!  How about "Patsies"?  I knew you could!).

Especially noteworthy items in this video:
*Woman in video clip exclaiming, "What the hell is THAT?!" as she and a man watched and videotaped object approaching second tower.  She undoubtedly knew what a plane looked like, so why not shout, "Look at that plane!" or some-such, instead?

*The "Road-Runner" Effect:
The unforgettable sight of the outline of "plane" - from wing-tip to wing-tip - on the exterior of the second tower where the object - allegedly a 767 commercial airliner (with wings constructed of struts and, mostly, air and covered with an aluminum skin a mere 1/10th of an inch thick) was seen to have simply "melted" into and "sliced through" multiple weight-bearing iron beams that were not only holding a 100+ floor skyscraper upright and together, but, were specifically-designed to withstand plane strikes.  (Not to mention the fact that, in a close-up video clip included in the 'official story' video-clip compilation, one can clearly see a secondary incendiary explosion - following the initial impact and smoke cloud - and watch as the 'fire' burns a plane wing-tip-shaped outline into the skin of the second tower... creating that silhouette we all remember vividly, but which is, actually, a physical impossibility:  As stated above, the wings of an actual 767 airliner are constructed of aluminum and the wing-tips are particularly fragile.  Therefore, there is, unequivocally, no way in Heaven or on Earth that aluminum airplane wings are ever going to strike a steel-framed structure and slice through it like a hot knife through butter... except, perhaps, within the utterly-unreal confines of a Looney-Tunes cartoon.  IF the object that hit the second tower had actually been a commercial 767 airliner, then the wings -in particular - would have been sheared off or simply destroyed on impact.  Hard landings have been known to cause wings or tail-sections to separate from the fuselage of these aircraft.  #TruthBomb.

*The fact that, in the official version of events, it's claimed that the alleged 'airliner' that struck the second tower was traveling at over 500 mph when it hit the building.  That's an airspeed that's physically-impossible for a 767 at/near sea level.  (But, it's totally possible for a Raytheon Block IV Missile...)

(...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead​)** Please See Bottom of Page About This.

*The fact that - on a clear, sunny morning, one in which even the WTC towers, themselves, glistened - the alleged polished, aluminium 'airliner' looks like a flat, black, smoky smudge in the sky in virtually all of the 50 or so videos collected.

And, much, much more.

Please watch this video, closely, with an open-mind, healthy skepticism and your critical-thinking caps on.

And, then, most importantly: Decide For Yourselves What Really Happened (or Didn't Really Happen) on September 11, 2001.  And, then, Please Share This Video With Your Friends and Family and Everyone.  Thank you.
"I'd rather be struck with the TRUTH than be caressed with LIES."

** I have no idea where this sentence came from.  I swear.  It just appeared as I was writing this post.  That said, I find it perfectly appropriate and fitting, so I'm leaving it where it appeared. - L.

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