Sunday, January 01, 2012

4.0 Earthquake In Youngstown; Official Cause: Natural Gas Fracking

4.0 Earthquake In Youngstown; Official Cause: Natural Gas Fracking
From the "I (Don't) Hate To Say, 'I told you so.'" Files:

Surely, you recall the recent flurry of earthquakes in Ohio?

Ohio, a state not known for having significant seismic activity and yet, within a series of smaller ones, it was shaken by one measuring around 4.0-4.3 recently?

A while back, when I recommended the film "Gasland" for it's subject - natural gas fracking poisoning well-water and causing faucets to behave like blow-torches - I hadn't thought to add "causing earthquakes", too...

Until, that is, they started cropping up.

And now?

Well, now it's Official: Gas Fracking = Earthquakes. (Hurray?)

Here's the link to the NPR story:

Earthquake Strikes Near Ohio Fracking Site*

(*Just ignore the little (Ohio Natural Resource Director) man who's still shouting: "The sky isn't falling on fracking! The sky isn't falling on fracking!". He's just visualizing lots of Big Gas Company $ disappearing much like the supporters of gas-fracking.)

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