Friday, January 13, 2012

Insensitive? Who Me?: Mitt Romney (the Hoser) and Seamus (the Irish Setter)

"Insensitive? Who?... Me?"

I hadn't heard, until recently, about the unburdened-by-human-sensitivity Mitt Romney incident where Romney packed the family's large Irish Setter, "Seamus", into a dog-kennel which was strapped atop the Romney-mobile for an undoubtedly blustery 12-hour ride to a lakeside in Canada. Apparently, it became a rather messy trip during which the roof-rack kenneled canine, Seamus, visibly suffered from bowel distress - as was first witnessed and then reported by one of Romney's sons - one who was sitting, alone, in the very back section of the station wagon.

According to the Boston Globe-reported timeline of the event, after being informed of the appearance of the "brown liquid" dripping down the rear window, Romney pulled into a gas station; hosed off the car, the  kennel and Seamus; and then returned the (now soaking wet?) dog to the kennel (still atop the car) and drove on to Canada.

In an interview on Fox (not)News Sunday - Mr. Wallace asked Romney about the incident... and Mitt chuckled. Following that, Wallace informed Romney that Massachusetts law actually prohibits carrying an animal atop a car: it's considered cruel and unusual treatment. Mitt's response was to claim that he "didn't know that" (that it was against the law) {Did you know this: "Ignorance of the law is no excuse."?} and Romney also added that Seamus (the dog) "loved" these rides.

(Mr. Romney: It's painfully obvious that Seamus did not "love" that particular ride - even before he messed himself and you hosed him off.)

Now, as the story has reached more Americans, something steeped in the tradition of the intentional online redefining of the word "Santorum" and raising of that definition's place in Google searches (initiated after Mr. Santorum's highly-offensive public statement in which he compared homosexuality with "man on dog relationships") has begun to occur. Originating at a website called, there's a new definition of the 'Romney' that's being promoted:

The "New" definition of "Romney" is: "To defecate in fear."

First, let me just say, "Eww!". And, after that, "Apropos".

I hope you enjoy this brief clip from Thursday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.
Topic: Mitt Romney being "dogged" (pun intended):
From The Rachel Maddow Show: Insensitivity, gaffes dog Romney

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