Thursday, January 26, 2012

GOP State Of The Union Rebuttal Choice Mitch Daniels: Excuse Me While I ROFL!!

If you need any more proof that the GOP is either:
A.) Insane. B.) Completely Out of touch with REALITY. and/or C.) All Of The Above...

The guy they picked to deliver their rebuttal to Obama's State of the Union address was Mitch Daniels.
The same Mitch Daniels who was George W. Bush's Senior Budget Director. The very same dim-witted dolt who claimed that the Iraq War would cost us $50 billion.
(*It cost $3 TRILLION.)

...And now Mr. Daniels/the GOP is promoting himself/themselves as "Mr. Fiscal Responsibility"/"Fiscally Conservative"?

Riiiiiiiigghhtt. (*cough*) Iraq War! (*cough).

Enjoy this revealing article on GOP Rebuttal Choice Mitch Daniels from TruthDig:
TruthDig: Mitch Daniels: Bombast From The Past - Joe Conason

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