Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Radical NDAA Bill A Clear & Present Danger For Americans - Rachel Maddow Show

Despite an earlier veto threat - followed by revisions by Congress - President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The NDAA funds our military AND this particular one includes a number of highly radical and inexplicable provisions. For example: It authorizes the military to arrest American citizens 'suspected of terrorism' and - for the first time in our history - detain said American citizens indefinitely without charge or trial for... well, forever.

It's referred to as "Indefinite Detention" and, although Obama added a signing statement saying his Administration would not authorize it, theoretically, he could change his mind.

And, beyond that highly-unlikely event, it will continue to exist as law on the books.

Why is this noteworthy? Once again: Because "Indefinite Detention" is now "on the books". Because it has been signed into law. Which means that any future President could, at any time, decide to authorize "Indefinite Detention" and then... What?
(I sincerely hope none of us ever have to find out. Remember the recent instances of Constitutionally-Protected American protesters being assaulted by authorities?)

Simple Truth: "Indefinite Detention"  is Un-American.

And yet, now that the NDAA has been signed into law (mind you, Congress's earlier versions were significantly worse) it is hanging over all of our heads - not unlike a guillotine. And, it will continue to do so - with the blade closing in on us - until the moment when yet another law is passed which will strike the provision of Indefinite Detention from the books, permanently.

Those politicians who've been working, tirelessly, to dismantle and do-away with two of America's most important ideals, namely Liberty and Freedom, have finally done it. They've not only spat on our Constitution and radically-altered our nation's laws... they've done it whilst, simultaneously, achieving those goals usually ascribed to anti-American Terrorists. (Uh... Congratulations?)
Because of their shenanigans, newly-unemployed, former terrorists are likely being forced to search for something else to do with their lives... Once they're able to stop those fits of uncontrollable, hysterical laughter...

Here's the story from The Rachel Maddow Show:

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