Friday, November 11, 2011

U.C. Berkeley: Promoting A Proud History Of Activism Whilst Violently Attacking Occupy Cal Protesters

Sproul Plaza. Occupy U.C. Berkeley protests. Wednesday.

After being told by U.C. Berkeley administrators to clear protesters from Sproul plaza, dozens of  more-than-happy-to-oblige and riot gear-clad police officers - who resembled attack dogs more than employees - violently & repeatedly bludgeoned many of the casually-dressed, hand-holding and uh, Unarmed student protesters with their batons just so they could break through the peaceful line to reach and destroy their tents.

After their tents had been decimated, Occupy Cal protesters reassembled and declared they were remaining at the plaza - with or w/out their equipment. Then, following open discussions, the protesters voted to approve a call for a state-wide U.C. campus general strike next Tuesday.

*F.Y.I.: All U.C. campuses/protests are patrolled/put down by state police officers.

In related news... Citing excessive force & free speech violations by police during Occupy Oakland/Cal protests, Berkeley's City Council denied a mutual aid agreement with Cal police and scratched agreements for regional domestic surveillance with others. (*Don't stop there.) Check out the video...

From The Colbert Report:

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