Friday, November 18, 2011

Congressman McGovern Introduces the People's Rights Amendment |

On Tuesday, Congressman/Hero Jim McGovern proposed a bill of timely/timeless importance.
Its purpose is clear and most worthy: To overturn the Supreme Court’s horrifying 2010 ruling in "Citizens United v. FEC".

Entitled the “People’s Rights Amendment”, it's a major breakthrough for the nationwide grassroots movement to end "corporate personhood"; to restore our Democracy; to return the U.S. to US; In other words, to return it to (you know) "We, the People".

“Corporations are not people,” said McGovern. “They do not breathe. They do not have children. They do not die in war. They are artificial entities which we the people create and, as such, we govern them, not the other way around.”

A Thousand Blessings on you, Congressman McGovern.

And yes, it's true that the People's Rights Amendment won't be passed overnight.

But the truly important thing to remember is this: This Amendment will be successfully passed.

Keep your eyes on the Prize!


Congressman McGovern Introduces the People's Rights Amendment |

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