Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who's Behind The Mayhem At Occupy Oakland? OWS? *Hint: It Ain't "Anarchists"

Sadly, over the last several years, I've noticed that very small, totally self-absorbed and decidedly sociopathic groups of people have developed a penchant for showing up at whatever peaceful rallies, demonstrations and/or marches happen to sprout up anywhere...

If that event happens to meet the following criteria:

1.) There are at least several hundred (although, they'd prefer several thousand) citizens who have gathered - peacefully - in support of some declared and, in all actuality, worthy cause.

2.) There are numerous local TV camera crews, national TV network camera crews, international TV camera crews, local TV News and (with a "Cherry-On-Top") National TV news camera crews covering the event both on the ground and, hopefully, from the air (The more-the-merrier...).

3.) There are excessive numbers of highly-visible Riot Gear-lad, Billy-Club-clenching, straining-for-a-fight 'Peace Officers' on foot/on horseback/in squad cars/at barricades positioned around the - initially - peaceful event.

But, these impudent infiltrators haven't shown up to support any peaceful cause - declared or not.

Hey, let's be honest: They couldn't care less about anyone else's cause.

No... These masked-morons' sole reason for being is to do just one thing:
To give absolute and free-reign to their non-existent impulse control in the form of destroying, damaging, defacing, igniting... whatever catches their eye.

*We mustn't forget the most significant result of the conscious choice of these imbeciles to carry out their mindless-melee-of-mayhem:

The actions of these very few (a very few who aren't - in any way - aligned with the many) always incites police brutality.

If any member of any of the camera crews in attendance - the ones who are always desperately in-search of any sound-bite - happens to catch up with one of the instigators...

Well then, that above-mentioned (and most likely masked) moron will - without a doubt - voluntarily and passionately declare that he or she is, "... an Anarchist!".

*If you happen to hear such a preposterous claim...

Please, Know This, Friends: These parade-raining, party-pooping, peace-disturbing brain-donors are not (not even remotely) "Anarchists".

The Great Emma Goldman was an "Anarchist". Please take a few moments to look her up/Google her. She was brilliant and prolific and heroic.

Even if they had one-thousand lifetimes to make the attempt... These self-proclaimed "anarchists" would never achieve anything even remotely resembling the achievements of/the passionate exhortations of Emma Goldman.

They are anything but that which they claim to be.

So, what are they?
They are exactly what they look like. They are exactly what their actions so unequivocally indicate:

They are vandals. They are opportunists. They are a**holes. They are un-American. They are idiots.

That said, our local/city governments and the police departments/police officers that said government officials sick on peaceful protesters must - once and for all - publicly acknowledge that there is a huge difference between the legitimate and illegitimate groups who appear at these events.

And, TV News crews/reporters must call these piss-poor pretenders on their lies.

Only by doing so will they do some public good by helping to stop perpetuating these pathetic people's lies. (*Hurray!)


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