Sunday, November 06, 2011

Shale Shocked: “Highly Probable” Fracking Caused U.K. Earthquakes, and It’s Linked to Oklahoma Temblors

As I went about my day today, I made a point to ask as many people as I could if they'd heard about the earthquakes in Oklahoma. In particular, I asked if they'd heard about Saturdays 4.6 and Saturday night's 5.6 (Oklahoma's biggest quake on record). About half of those I asked hadn't heard about any of it. That said, all of them had been/were shocked and surprised at the news - especially when I informed them that the Great State Of Oklahoma went from having (on average) about 50 small quakes a year to well over 1000 - thus far - this year.

And for a handful of those with whom I spoke - their eyes widened - significantly - and their jaws dropped just before they would whisper:
"Uh-oh... You know what that means: 2012... The End of the World...".

I assured them, "It's not that. Not at all." "It's not?", they'd ask. "No, it's not.", I replied and cheerfully added, "But, let's all hope it's 'The End Of 'Fracking'."

Check out the following timely and rather prophetic article on research which draws a direct, cause-and-effect relationship between natural gas-fracturing ("fracking") and a spate of earthquakes in the United Kingdom.

Published on November 2nd (four days ago), it may help to shed some scientific light on the Oklahoma Temblors.


Shale Shocked: “Highly Probable” Fracking Caused U.K. Earthquakes, and It’s Linked to Oklahoma Temblors:

A previously unreported study out of the Oklahoma Geological Survey has found that hydraulic fracturing may have triggered a swarm of small earthquakes earlier this year in Oklahoma. The quakes, which struck on Jan. 18 in a rural area near Elmore City, peaked at magnitude 2.8 and caused no deaths or property damage. The study, [...]

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