Friday, November 11, 2011

The Rachel Maddow Show ~ Herman Caine: Peculiar Politics, Practical Joke Or Performance Art?

"Well... Duh!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know... I know...

And, to be honest, I've been asking myself those very same questions:
"How could we have missed so many colorful clues - left right in front of our faces - that Herman Caine is the penultimate prankster?"

"How did we not pick up on the hints that ol' Herman Caine has - in actuality - been pulling our national leg?"

Is it True?  Has Herman Caine managed to pull off one Phenomenal Practical Joke on...

... All of Us?
The First Clue: Herman Caine's unique choice for one of his first GOP debate-closing quotes:
A dramatic recitation of several lines (uncredited) from "The poet-formerly-known-as-Pokemon" (recited word-for-word as found in the Pokemon theme-song).

Then came Herman's "9-9-9" Plan.
Surprisingly enough (or, perhaps, not so), that's the same title of the economic plan found in the classic video-game "Sim City".

Then, his book: "This Is Herman Cain!" and the sudden "Time-out" he took from campaigning to do a national book-tour. 

And, then - of course you remember - Herman regaled many of us with his tales of the tried-and-true "staying-power" of (specifically) Haagen-Dazs' "Black Walnut" ice cream.

(*Psst! Hey, Herman: Haagen-Dazs' 'Black Walnut' is actually an extinct former flavor-of-the-month.)

Following Herman's answer to what flavor of ice cream he considered himself:

Herman "Any/All-Sexual-Harassment-Claims-Made-Against-Me-Are-False" Cain's mini-salute to the American Western:

Surely you must've seen Herman's promotional ad/video.
It featured an Ol' Wild West-theme (naturally).
And... included such memorable lines as, "Nice chicken, honey!" 

"Nice, er... what?"... *Shivers*.

Which was then followed by Herman's kinda funny (both funny "strange" and "Ha Ha") quote from his speech at a Koch bros.-sponsored fundraiser:

"I'm a Koch brother's brother from another mother."*

*Although altered specifically for the occasion, the line was originally recited by Chris Tucker in the 2007 Jackie Chan feature film "Rush Hour 3": "He has me his brother from another mother."

(*And Much Much More!)

Looking at all of the above events together - as parts of one-whole - the only logical conclusion is that Herman Cain and his GOP Presidential-primary "Campaign" are either:

A.) In actuality, a product of "Make-Believe" (as in "Politics as Performance Art").


B.) (*Sighs) We Americans have simply just been "Punk'd".

Here's a Brief, yet Brilliant clip from The Rachel Maddow Show which pieces it all together:

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