Monday, October 10, 2016

The Case Of The Mysteriously Mutilated Car - Revisited and Still Unexplained

"The Case Of The 'Mutilated' Car - Updated*
*This update may be a few years old, but I just learned about it today.
It's a case of High-Strangeness and an organized (and, so far, successful) Cover-Up that's fascinated me since I first heard about it:
On November 4, 2008, a woman was driving her car on an Illinois highway. It was evening and there were no cars in her immediate vicinity (she was traveling in the middle of three lanes). Suddenly, something shoved her car over into the next lane on her right. She attempted to look around via her left-side mirror - but, the mirror was gone. She had not seen whatever it was that struck her car. When she was able to exit the car to examine it, the image above and those in the article below reveal what she found.
Mr. Peter Davenport - Director of the National UFO Reporting Center - handed the case over to the State Director of MUFON-IL, Sam Maranto. When he'd learned more details of this strange event and seen the photos of the crumpled door panels (still, somehow, sporting an unscratched, rip-free and intact paint job), Davenport had offered to buy the car "as-is" to preserve the evidence. The car's owner wouldn't sell. But, she did agree to let Davenport have the damaged panels after the car was repaired. He'd also brought some of the paint chips from the vehicle to a lab at the University of Chicago for analysis.
Around January of 2009, Mr. Maranto contacted Mr. Davenport with some bad (and truly Strange) news:
The owner of the garage where the car was being repaired had called to, regrettably, inform him that the damaged doors had been stolen.
And, as if that wasn't bad enough: When Mr. Maranto tried to retrieve the paint chips and the lab's analysis results, he'd been told that someone claiming to be an associate of Mr. Maranto's had already retrieved both.
Mr. Maranto hadn't sent any such person.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to prevent the source of the damage to the woman's car from being identified and revealed to the public
If I were to hazard a guess...
I'd say it was either a directed energy weapon or...
focused & directed intention: Perhaps an intentional mental "push", so to speak, or an accident of "letting off steam/venting"?

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