Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Haters Back Off"... And, Make America SANE, Again!

I wanted to share my review of the new Netflix series "Haters Back Off!"...

If it happens to save you from making the same horrible mistake as I made... Well, then, my job here is done and... "You're Welcome!"
"Oh my Gd... You have got to be joking... 5-Stars... Really?
Those reviews must all be from the ice cream boy's various DBA accounts.  And, they're the only reason I gave this show 19 minutes of my Life.  Nineteen minutes that I cannot get back... Ever! Nineteen minutes that I cannot un-see nor un-hear.  Now, don't get me wrong: I don't hate "Haters" (sigh), I simply want my 19 minutes back.
To achieve success with this type of comedy, the cast members must be able to create a willing suspension of disbelief in the viewers (Think of Tom Hanks' performance in "Big"). And, let's be honest, "Haters..." is no "Big".  It feels like narcissism making an unsuccessful attempt to masquerade as a satire of narcissism.
I thought about it, and there can be only one explanation for all of the 5-star reviews: It's further evidence that the 'dumbing down of America' is enjoying a modicum of success. But, seriously, you shouldn't require any more proof than looking at the two Demo-publican candidates for President of the United States (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.)
Make America Sane, Again: Vote For All People - Not Just The 1%-ers! Vote For The Entire Planet! Vote For Peace! Vote For The GREATER GOOD! Vote Green! Vote Dr. Jill Stein... Please!
Thank you."

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