Sunday, October 02, 2016

Stop This Runaway Train - I'm Getting Off* (*And Voting For Jill Stein)

The 2016 Presidential Election Is NOT A Runaway Train On A Collision Course With A Four-Year Long, Foul-Tasting, Festering, Fetid, Foregone Conclusion... Not Yet!

Whether You Consider Yourself A Conservative, Progressive or "Other", You Should Know That Everyone DOES Have A 3rd, Better-Qualified and Much Better Choice In This Election!

This November 8th, If You Truly Want Your Vote To Count As A Force For The Greater GOOD Instead of (sigh) - Yet Again - Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils...

Then, You'll Take The Time To Familiarize Yourselves With Dr. Jill Stein - The ONLY Highly-Qualified, Truly Progressive, Female Candidate For President Of The United States!

The Next Four Years - Both For America and For The World - Are Much TOO Important For Us To Act Like Sheep On Their Way To Slaughter: Silently and Spinelessly Accepting What We Already Know To Be A Horrifying Fate - One That None Of Us Want Or Deserve - Doing The Thorazine Sheeple Shuffle To The Polls, Obeying The Will Of The Corptocracy/Elites By Voting For One Of Two Sides Of The Same Corporate-Owned, War-Mongering, Environment-and-Natural-Resource-Damning Coin.

"Obama Has Failed Victims of Racism and Police Brutality"
By Cornel West via

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