Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stunning Video Of Large UFO Checking Out ISS From January 2014

Brief video captured by the International Space Station's own camera on January 24, 2014:
(I've seen many clips of UFOs captured by NASA's cameras.  This one is jaw-dropping.)

Keep your eyes on the thin crescent shape seen on the upper-left.

It gets a whole lot bigger and a whole lot closer to the ISS and then... Guess What?...
NASA switches to a live shot of the control room (Doh!)!

I don't know about you, but I find watching a large UFO get near close enough to the ISS to touch a lot more interesting than watching ground control twiddle their thumbs...

(I just realized something: The object/vehicle approaches the ISS at a steady speed, sidles up to it and then stops.  If it were 'space debris' floating, it would have hit the ISS.  But, no, it stopped!)

Your not fooling anyone, NASA.

(I say NASA stands for: "Not A Single Alien") ;)

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