Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bing - Bang - Boom! Mystery Booms, Earthquakes And The Indo-Australian Plate Break Up

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

I've been investigating those "mystery 'booms'" that have been occurring around the Eastern United States and found both historical and current correlations between the 'booms' and earthquakes.  They've been perceived preceding and following earthquakes both in the past and recently.

And, everything being connected, researching recent earthquakes led me to this:
"A new fracture zone in the Earth's crust is showing signs of opening up as one of the planet's biggest tectonic plates, the Indo-Australian Plate, on which India and Australia lie, cracks up."  In fact, there were two 8+ earthquakes near Sumatra a couple years ago.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that I also learned that NOAA eradicated their primary buoy at the Indo-Australian Plate?  That was the one which monitored changes in the water tower (changes caused by plate movement).  Why?  Don't ask me, I have a suspicious nature.  But, since faraway earthquakes can affect seismic activity closer to home, I just thought you had a right to know.  We (San Francisco) just had a 6.0 earthquake whose epicenter was near Napa.  Don't be paranoid.  Just be prepared.

Knowledge is power:
Get your earthquake-preparedness packs/kits ready and have them accessible (You know: H2O, non-perishable foods, medications, cash, flashlight, radio, batteries, etc.).  Yes, this goes for those of you who live on the East Coast, too.   Better Safe...

Here's a direct link to the Sydney Morning Herald article about the Indio-Australian Plate movement:
An Earth-Shattering Break-Up
(Which is only hyperbole, I'm sure - for now.)

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